Hello 2010!

Over the holidays I went to LA for my cousins wedding and let me tell you it was BRRR! When you think of California you generally think of sun,beaches,celebs & fake boobs but let me tell you i saw none of that lol...

No I had a great time I only wished I had more time to sight see. We had a connecting flight on the way home. Cali>Denver>Toronto and on the flight from Denver to Toronto I was seated next to a young guy with a buzz cut. Right away he began to chat with me, apologizing for smelling of smoke and offering me several time to use his movie screen on the back of the headrest in front of him as mine was broken. Sweet yes, he even went as far as to offer me his portable dvd player but I just didn't feel right taking it lol.

As we chatted it came out that he was 20, in the US Air Force and stationed in the UK where he was headed via Toronto. He seemed nervous, fidgety and like he just needed to keep talking. He asked me all kinds of questions about Canadians which I found amusing, he told me all about the airplane we were on including the fact that we were pretty much free falling... He asked me what the drinking age was in the air and at one point he even found it amusing that the arm rest between us lifted up and offered to cuddle with me... I laughed it off and put the arm rest back down.

Near the end of the flight I asked his name... Matthew he said... but he never asked mine. As we deplaned he walked along side me until customs where we said our casual goodbyes and went our separate ways.

He was a character but it made one heck of a flight home since I usually get stuck to people who sleep the whole flight.

I came home and spent new years with Mr.BF and his family. Really low key, really sober & really glad to be entering into a new year with him :)

I hope you all had a fun and exciting holiday and new year. Here's to a wonderful 2010!!

Stay pretty ;)

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LiL Landy said...

That's a great flight story!! I always get stuck next to the Old overly perfumed old ladies or want to chat about all their grandkids!!
Happy 2010!!

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