Can Snookie's Poof get any higher?

So Snookie from the Jersey Shore posted this pic on her twitter of their appearance on Leno.

Is it me or does snookies "poof" get higher and higher with each appearance?
JWOOWWW looks hot,
The situation actually looks like a normal nice guy instead of a creeper giggalo,
Pauly D looks possessed,
Sammi's face looks like the same whiny I hate the world face she always has on so nothing new there,
and Ronnie...well he just looks like his happy go lucky la la la I live in my own bubble regular self.

How long could their fame really last? I mean can snookies poof really get any higher? Is she trying to somehow be as tall as JWOWW?

Anyways season 2 of these fist pumping guidos and guidettes airs this summer... cant wait lol

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