Wow is anyone still here?? Its update time!

There are time when I don't even remember this blog BUT Ive decided to keep it up because every now and then I have the urge to write.

So lets see whats happened since Ive last posted...

My freelance makeup career has taken off and I'm busier than ever and recently found out my work has landed on 5 billboards across Brazil crazy huh?!! I feel so blessed!

In other news....

Well me and Mr25(now 26) aka Mr.BF are still together :O Shocking I know considering my past dating life!

We traveled together last november to Punta Cana, had our first xmas and new years together, partied for both our birthdays, had our first valentines together aww, and the biggest deal we celebrated our 1 year anni on May 7th with a trip to Niagara Falls which was special. He got me a diamond "Journey" Pendant which kinda looks like this...

Only mine is gold not white gold.....Isnt it gorge?

I'm still happy and crazy in love with a man I never thought would make it past a month simply because of his age...

I have definitely learned that age is just a number.... don't get me wrong there are times when I have to remind myself that hes only 26 and therefore hasn't gone through as many life experiences as me but overall you really cant help who you fall in love with.

He treats me better than any man (including the ones 10 yrs older) Ive ever been with. Hes kind, gentle, honest, loyal and would do anything in his power to make me happy so really how could I ask for anything more right?

There has been some talk of the future but nothing has happened as of yet but you never know right?! ;)

Well I'm not so sure how many people will stop and read this but I just felt I needed to share an update on here.


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kendrasue said...

Nice to see an update! I keep you in my reader and was pleased to see a new post! Good luck with everything in your future!

Mich said...

shes alive!!!

lol i missed your updates.

WOW!! Brazil billboards! Girl you're doin it up! Im so proud of you. You are so talented though so it doesnt surprise me that the career has taken off so well.

and YAY!! im so happy that you and Mr. BF are still together and so happily in love. dont know if you have kept up on my blog (lots of changes over in the world of WIM) but I am sort of dating an older guy and i think the age difference is actually making things so much better.

hope you keep posting more :)

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