Bridal shoot sneak preview......

Today I had my very first photoshoot. The theme was bridal and as mentioned before I choose to do a "bollywood" Indian wedding and it turned out awesome!! I had a blast and as you can see below I had a stunning model (sorry boys shes taken!). My camera is broken as you all know and of course my girl forgets her camera so after the shoot in the car ride home I snapped this pic...

You cant tell from the crappy blackberry quality but I used aquas and golds for her eyes... Im actually really proud of how this look turned out and how well my girl did as my model :)

More pics to come soon.... I cant wait to show you the actual shoot photos!!!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

I hear wedding bells....

No im not getting married calm down... not yet anyway... maybe not ever but thats a whole other topic....

Its bridal week in school!! Im super excited because this is where im probably going to take this makeup thing when im done... we have our first photoshoot this friday I cant wait!

Ive decided to do a "bollywood" indian bridal look just to be different... here are some of the looks I like.... what do you think??

Stay Pretty ;)

Check out my new....

GUCCI Signature Oversized bow sunglasses!!
I got these babies over the weekend as a belated birthday gift from one of my very best besties and her bf who is also a friend. It was a long awaited gift but SOO worth the wait as I have wanted these glasses since Gucci first brought them out last year.

I heart them :)

Stay Pretty ;)

Subway Adventures..

Awesome subway ride home today... Me, 10,000 strangers and the screaming man who insisted on rubbing his below the belt `no zone`over and over (fly undone) while he gawked at everyone in our subway car.. Awesomeness!

Apparently nasty shit doesn't just happen on the subways in New York huh........

Stay Pretty ;)

Imma Belly Rubba!

So I managed to rub the bellies of many random people last night.... I would say men but I think there was a woman's belly in there too at some point... Yes that is correct.. I walked around the club and anyone who talked to me got a belly rub lol... one guy even took off his shirt without a request from me but then the bartender threw a lime wedge at him and told him to put it back on lol...

Clearly Im not shy after some vodki!! Well who are we kidding id prob do it sober too.. usually I just slap random bums but ive one up'd myself with this belly rubbing thing! Its surprising just how many ppl will actually let you lift their shirts and just lay your hand on their belly I was surprised actually... muahahah loves it!

Its a long weekend here so that means tonight....... we Parrrtay... again! ;)

argh I hate not having a camera :(

Stay Pretty ;)

I know im due for an update....

There simply is not enough time in the day ahhh!

I will give you a quicky though...

so schools going well... bitchface still comes in everyday with a face that looks like she wants to hurt anyone in sight, The girl who announces her sex life is still indeed letting us know about her sex life amongst other things, and some crazy lady yelled at me to move on the subway the other day even though I was 2 feet away.. that was an interesting experience to say the least...

Here are some pics of the the hair and makeup ive been working on... keep in mind these are from my crackberry so the quality sucks!


I worked behind the scenes of the Suhaag Wedding fashion show which is an Indian bridal show here in Toronto. Our school did the make up and hair which was an awesome experience. I have my bridal photoshoot at the end of this month which im pretty excited for... its crazy I only have a month and a half left its going SO fast!

This weekend is a long weekend here since next monday is "Family Day" and its also Valentines day weekend... bah its so over rated... im going out for dinner fri but sat im going to see my friend spin at this anti love lounge party :)

what are your vday plans???

Stay Pretty ;)

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A new Breed of kids they are!!

So like everyday I spend with these youngins I realize new things... like the fact that my maturity level has dropped at least 4-6 years which is really starting to worry me to be honest... also that these girls are from a totally different breed and time then I!

Before I go on I gotta just say 99.9% of the chicks in my class and even in the school right now for that matter are super cool, fun, funny and amazing but spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 3 straight months with them and things are bound to happen right?!

Like ok so yesterday was 2 bitch fights and 3 girls making out... today one of the chicks in my class shows up really late and then when she walked into class she strolls in with a beaded guy by her side.... we all stop and stare at this strange guy (please keep in mind that we all show up to class with NO makeup because we have to put it on each other in class so a strange guy walking in tends to not go over so well) announces his name, introduces all of us to him and then he just leaves... ok fine right but then she proceeds to tell us how she got laid last night and they went for breakfast and THATS why she was 2 hours late for class! All this in front of our teacher and all I could think to myself was 1)wayyy TMI and 2) why the hell am I here at 8:20am everyday?!!!!

Stay Pretty ;)

First Bitch Fight of the School Year!!

Yup so you guessed it and I SO called it... in a class full of 10 - 20 something year olds it was bound to happen.... 2 catty fights in one day in a matter of minutes... and yes I the 30 year old was involved in one...

We had just finished a intense test and were all still a bit drained from it when an argument broke out between 2 girls about the right or wrong answer on the test and who should get the marks... to break the tension in the room another girl broke out the class inside joke which is from the Dave Chappelle skit... so shes all like "holla,holla... lemme holla at you girl, holla" so since its the class joke once one person hollas the rest kinda follow... so thats when the class Bitch lost it and was like "its so stale now, i dont care its so stale just stop that now" which wouldnt have been a big deal but the 50 pounds of attitude she was carrying with it kinda rubbed people the wrong way, like really its a joke and we are trying to lighten the mood RE-freakin-LAX!

So this is where I opened my big mouth and said "oh come on its funny".... well that there did it! She lost it on me and told me to "shut up"... oh no she didnt!! Oh NO I didnt just get told to shut up for NO reason by a immature 20 year old!!! Well im sorry im a really nice person whos always friends with everyone but if you come at me with that kind of attitude for zero reason you best believe Im gonna say something back... and so I did.. annnnnd she only got more angry and rude so I dropped it.... We got let out for lunch I although I was really mad I quickly calmed down and was my cheerful self when I returned to class.... She on the other hand proceeded to call ME immature (behind my back but newsflash I have ears!!!) ... YEAH im the immature one huh! LOL anyway its SO 10 years ago for me... like I really cant deal with that kinda drama anymore but it was kinda funny...

I would also like to point out that our male teacher literally just sat back and watched us fight... he watched both fights and did nothing... Im not sure im really ok with this but whatever.. WAY too much PMS in our class im tellin ya!

OoOOoO and the Make up school drama begins... 10 girls, 1 male teacher, 1 tiny classroom, 8 hours together, 10 different personalities... WHAT will happen next lol.... thank god im only there for 3 months!!

Oh and I also found out today that 3 of the girls from my class all made out with each other at this party I was supposed to go to friday while they were drunk... can you say awkward monday morning?!!!

Stay Pretty and drama free!! ;)


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