What is it with October babies?

Its Friday... Its October & its the month from heaven and financial hell all at the same time!

I have 10 birthdays this month.... not just randoms either.... close friends & family.. not to mention Mr.BF's 2 days into next month.

While I love this month for its brisk weather, pumpkin goodies, Halloween & birthday parties which I love I also dread this month financially! Presents & dinners & birthday outings....
It seems every year I end up adding a birthday or 2 to this month too... Was everyone's parents getting busy in February?

Anyone else have a ton of b-days this month?

Stay Pretty ;)



Little Fish said...

I only know two people born in October, but I know eleven born in November and like eight in May! Crazy.

Stephie J said...

Lots of birthdays this month.. Including my own!!

Maxie said...

I have a ton of bdays this month and next month. Maybe people were bored during january and february and had to occupy themselves by having sex...?

Anonymous said...

My busy months are August and September. I think everyone just gets really bored in the winter and sex keeps you active, inside, in bed, warm, etc. Plus, february = Valentine's Day = sex.

Blaez said...

alot of people are snowed in thier houses come february so i'd say yup!

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