TGIF and only 1 week till im on a beach!!

Thanks so much for everyones money saving tips..

Mr.BF and I have stopped eating out as much as started cooking more... Actually hes actually cooked for me a few times now..but he told me not to tell anyone so shhh...

We try to buy groceries that we know can make a huge meal and then try to get dinner for 2 and lunch for 2 out of it so that's helped a lot. No more $10-$15 lunches for him!

I also called my cable and internet company and asked very nicely what they could do for me. I went from a monthly bill of $135 to $89... massive savings right there just for asking politely lol. I suggest you try this. I read somewhere that it really doesn't hurt to ask so I did and it worked.

With all this money stress I've also taken on some family ish stress and well I have been given a new title at work. Which basically means on top of what I already do I now have another persons full time job so stress is my middle name right now.

With all this happening I cant help but really look forward to my time away with the Mr. We leave next Friday for the Dominican Republic!!!

A week away from the rain, cold, work, family, blackberries,computers & stress..... I would say I wish I was jet setting tomorrow but I don't because........

I'm going to see Boyz II Men tomorrow!! YAY! 4th year in a row seeing them in concert and it never gets old.. sigh

Also Wednesday we are going to see the Michael Jackson movie This is it. Kinda excited for that too... then Thursday my parents arrive home from their jet setting to India and Friday its Au Revoir and off the the sun...

Stay Pretty ;)

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Blaez said...

when i went in for my surgery i called my cable and phone companies too and asked them what they could do for me... i ended up cutting my cable bill nearly in half (got rid of alot of things we actually never used or watched) i got a free month for being a loyal customer for years upon years from the phone company and the leasing agent for our furniture let us make half payments for 2 months.

so yes, it doens't hurt to ask!!!

Mich said...

wowza... you are a busy little bee lately!!!

im so glad that things are still amazing with Mr BF! have an amazing trip. we NEEEEEEEED to catch up when you get back!

xoxo !

*~kAy~* said...

nice... it never hurts to ask huh...
hope you enjoy the movie! :)

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