What are your money saving tips?

Ive been kinda down as of late because I'm stressing about $$$.. aren't we all!

I just feel like my entire paycheck goes to paying off my mortgage and my damn maintenance fees. I'm trying to pay off my credit line but its such a slow process. At least my visa balance is $0!!

What are some of your money saving or money making tips??

I feel like I need to generate more income but its so hard.

I mean its not like I have a massive debt but for the first time in my life I have a debt and its really stressful.




Anonymous said...

I will be changing my cable/internet services soon, I've stopped eating out a lot more, I shop at a discount grocery store, I use coupons whenever possible, I turned my fridge temp up slightly so it's not constantly running and I will be refinancing my car for cheaper payments. I have some credit card debt I need to work on as well!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

i feel you girl. I dont really spend a lot of money on makeup but i love to eat out all the time and it does add up. I need to eat out less. Also, I have set up a savings account where I have my bank automatically take out money once a month and put it in my savings.

Nicole said...

Ha saving tips!!!??? I save money by calling AT&T and crying!! then they push my payment day further! =D Same goes for anyone else who has a heart! Good Luck =D

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. I've been trying to pay off my credit card debt plus save for a house and I feel like I can't catch up. I agree with not eating out as much. Also - something strange that helped me was to go through my closets and give stuff away, it showed me all the clothes I have and now I can find things. So instead of buying a new outfit for nights out, I can re-wear clothes since I can find them. Also - a piggy bank. Online savings is just so easy to transfer out, but putting cash inside a piggy bank, you kind of forget about it and when you get around to counting it.. you have a lot of money! And check out Oprah's site. I don't remember the link, but she had something like 8 steps to saving money and it really put things in perspective. Hope this helps!!

Brian in Mpls said...

Have people over and party at home instead of going to the bar and out to eat has probably saved me the most. Our group of friends has been rotating dinner and cocktail nights.

The other thing I did when I was super stressed about money and this is going to sound super corny but I every day I would write 5 things I was thankful for and I couldn't reuse any I had already used for the week. When I started to focus on all the stuff I really had the other stress just kind of faded to the background.

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