We're BOOKED!!

OK so I've been MIA but well I've been trying to do some research on a great hot spot to go to.

Today we booked!
Mr.BF and I will be heading to Punta Cana in a few weeks :)
We will be staying at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro which is rated #6 in all of Punt Cana, for 7 nights.

I'm SO excited cuz not only did we get an amazing deal but this will be both of our first trips with significant others. Ive always wanted to go somewhere tropical with past partners but it never really worked out. Probably for a good reason (everything happens for a reason).

Ive done crazy research on Punta Cana even though I've been there 3x lol.. also on our hotel which looks stunning.

Check out these pics....

I'm just excited to go away and do nothing with my special someone :)

The countdown begins woohooo!!!!

Has anyone been to this all inclusive resort before?

Stay Pretty ;)

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AC said...

That's awesome! So excited for you guys :)

Do you have room in your suitcase??? Hehehe....

Mich said...

omg thats so exciting!!! you guys are going to have such a great time.

how much were you able to book it for? i want to go somewhere hot! its freakin snowing here already... ugh!

ps - i miss you like CRAZY! we need to catch up soon.

Nicole said...

That looks amazing!! =D Have a blast!

Born with a big mouth! said...

green .... yup I am green!!! (jealous)

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