Stuck in a rough place....

This month has been seriously nuts... in both good ways and bad ways...

It all started when my dear aunt passed away and I watched my cousins and my uncle whom I love so much hurt so bad... it was hard but in a way brought the family closer. The week this was all going on I had a wee bit of friend drama because I simply couldn't keep past hurt feelings to myself during this emotional time when it was prompted from me. It wasnt the time nor the place for petty drama so I pushed it to the side and continued on to my west coast vacation with Mr.BF as planned.

We spent a week in BC and Seattle hanging out with family, visiting mountains and oceans and getting away from all the stresses of our life back home. I go to BC every summer to visit my grandfather (who turned 90 this year) for his bday but this year was so much more special. I brought with me the love of my life.... The man who needed my grandfathers approval (which he got!). It brought us closer together and I can honestly say I feel more sure and in love then ever before.

We came back from BC with smiles on our faces only to find out that his grandfather had collapsed from a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. I have spent the last few days since it happened by Mr.BF's side in the hospital as he stares at his grandfathers heart rate monitor.

Ive watched him be the rock for his family but get teary eyed when we are alone... Ive gotten an excited call at 2am letting me know grandpa opened his eyes... which is huge news considering he is in a coma... Ive sat by the bed in a freezing cold ICU ward watching him watching grandpa... Ive had to beg him just to grab a bite to eat or to leave his side for a few hours to sleep... its been very tough on us all.

This is all happening the week one of my best friends is getting married. She marries the love of her life this Saturday and I'm the maid of honor. I want to be there with her every night to run errands and support her leading up to one of the most important days of her life but I feel so torn.

What do you do when your stuck between something SO sad and something SO happy? Unfortunately the sad always takes priority because its so hard to watch someone you love so much hurt so bad......

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