What does this look like to you?

Sometimes I look up out of my office window at the clouds and try to make pictures out of them....

The other day I looked up and saw this...

What does this look like to you?

On a side note me and Mich had a blast this weekend but she leaves today and I am sad :(

Oh and I also did my first magazine cover with my second celeb client on Thursday.... but you know that's no big deal....
Oh Em Gee
!!!! Yay me :P
Comes out on stands at the end of Sept ill be sure to share the image.

Stay Pretty ;)

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Its going to be one crazy weekend!

This weekend I have a lot going on and I think I may need a few red bulls to get through it.

Tomorrow morning I got an amazing gig. Its for a magazine shoot with an actor and its the first time my work is being published in a mag so I'm excited :)

IF I can get out in time I will then head straight to the airport to pick up my long time favorite west coast friend Mich who's coming to town just to visit me for the weekend :)

Here we are on her trip here last year

Tomorrow night me and Mich have dinner/catch up on our lives plans. We need to take it easy because Friday bright and early we are driving to Niagara Falls & Buffalo for some cross border shopping.We will probably arrive home really late as we want to make the most of it.

Saturday we will probably head down to harbourfront for a stroll by the water, then its party time as we head downtown to party it up with all our friends.

Sunday I have a gig doing a brides bridal shower makeup but I'm also invited so I shall be there all afternoon.

Monday I head back to work and then after work I have to take Mich to the airport as she leaves me :(

Bring on the red bulls!!!

Oh and get this.... Mr.BF was at my place yesterday before I got home and cleaned practically the entire place so I wouldn't have to do it when I got home from work because he knew Mich was coming.... WOW! Could I be any luckier??? Yes ladies he even cleaned the bathrooms!

Stay Pretty ;)

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My First TV Personality Gig!!!

Last week I got a call about a hair and makeup gig for this past Sunday. After getting the details I accepted and came to find out the woman I would be doing hair and makeup for was Gillian McKeith.

She is a Scottish nutritionist, television presenter and writer. She previously hosted You Are What You Eat and Granada Television's Dr Gillian McKeith's Feel Fab Forever in the UK for several series. She writes a weekly column for Reveal magazine and is the author of a number of books about,including You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life.

I arrived at her suite to be greeted by her oldest daughter. Once we got started she was quite sweet and friendly despite being rushed and feeling overwhelmed with how much she had going on.

I was told they were shooting a corporate video for Danone Yogurt that was to be sent to the UK which was not only interesting but a great credit to my resume.

It was a great experience and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity :)

Onwards & Upwards ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Holy Tornado Batman!

Last night Toronto was hit with approx 4 tornado's....


Since when does Tdot get tornado's?!
Officials say an 11-year-old boy was killed during a vicious storm and suspected tornado touchdown in the southwestern Ontario town of Durham. :(

Check out the damage around town...

This home on in Maple lost its entire roof on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009. (Kelly Levesque for CTV News)

Here's a video of it ripping up homes...

What is up with this crazy weather as of late?!!

Stay Pretty ;)

Songs im freaking sick of....

  • Paparazzi - Lady GagGag (never been a fan and probably never will be)
  • Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas (after hearing this song for the 197838273 time I now HATE it... thanks to the radio)
  • Anything by the Jonas Brothers (im too old to think anything you do or sing is cute)
  • Carrera- Karl Wolf (what a dumb ass video)
  • Knock You Down - Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo (Keri Hilson cant sing live for shit so I feel like this is a fraud)
  • Best I Ever Had - Drake (So what if you're from Toronto like moi, you need some new shit in radio rotation!)
  • Anything from Nickelback ( Cut your hair Chad simon says!)
  • Whatever You Like - T.I (you're in jail and you still wont shut up!)
That is all... ill stop being as Peter likes to call me "Saucy" now ...
Feel free to add to this list :)

Stay Pretty ;)

You know who else besides is Preggo?

Celine Dion!

The reports are saying that the 41 year old singer, and mother to Rene-Charles, is pregnant with the help of a team of fertility doctors in New York and is due next May. I don't really see how that's possible as that's more then 9 months away but OoOoK its what I read here!

That's right people big brother Rene is going to have a wee lil sibling... maybe then Celine can have something else to focus on and will finally allow him to cut his damn hair!

Stay Pretty ;)

Are you a Compulsive Hoarding?

Last night I watched the series premier of Hoarders on A&E. A show about compulsive hoarders, people who keep any and everything because they simply cant bear to part with it.

Wikipedia describes it as:
Compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding) is the acquisition of, and failure to use or discard, such a large number of seemingly useless possessions that it causes significant clutter and impairment to basic living activities such as mobility, cooking, cleaning, showering or sleeping. A person who engages in compulsive hoarding is commonly said to be a "pack rat", in reference to that animal's apparent fondness for material objects.

Anyway after watching the show and seeing some of the nastiest images of living conditions I have ever seen in the western world I have come to the conclusion that I need to throw things away more!

Here are some images of hoarding I found online.

Its no where as bad as those on the show who couldn't even walk through the house because "stuff" covered the floors. I simply have one room that has a lot of things from my old condo in boxes. Kinda like a storage room. I keep things because I "may" need them one day but screw that shit I'm throwing everything out this month.

There is no way in hell I'm becoming like them!

Its weird because the rest of my house is uncluttered & minimalistic but its that one room! Doesn't everyone have one room they use as storage?

Anyone want a FREE 42" Samsung TV? lol ... no seriously if you're in the Toronto area email me!

Operation clean up is underway!

Gone Fishing!

At Mr.BF's cottage for the weekend booyah!

Have a good one my loves ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Kourt Kardash PREGGO!

Not to make my blog all about the Kardashians BUT....

It was revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the oldest Kardashian Koourtney age 30 is preggers with her first child and is due in December.

Who's the baby daddy??
I hope its not this douchebag Scott Disick.... who quite frankly makes Misick!

Well guess we will have to wait and see but considering she has been spotted with Disick since the January breakup my moneys on this loser!
Maybe now he will finally stop cheating... meh.. maybe not... you know what they say, once a cheater always... blah blah blah.

**UPDATE** Tweet from RyanSeacrest Kourt kardash just told us the dad is scott from keeping up with the kardashians...she doesn't know if she is getting married or not!

Good luck girl hes a handful it seems!

Stay Pretty ;)

Would You Do Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm?

Personally I'm gonna go with a big fat HELLZ NO on this for 2 reasons...
1) I'm Muslim so bacon ie.pork is outta the question for me.
YES I know this is just bacon flavored but let me explain. Because I have not tried bacon before (ok maybe one time in my childhood by mistake, who knew A&W teen burgers had bacon?) I don't really know the taste of it. Everyone goes on and on about how good it is but meh I choose to turn on my selective hearing at that point!

2) A meat flavored lip balm just sounds EW!

What do you think?
Would you purchase this bacon flavored lip balm?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Kim Kardash Goes Blonde!!

Ok so thanks to Andy (shouts to you for being in the know!) I found out that one of my fav hotties Kim Kardashian went blonde just in time for the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

Peep this...

My reaction??

Total Jenny from the block styles!
God is there anything that can make this woman look unappealing??

I think I have my very first girl crush!

Stay Pretty ;)

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What Happens When.....

What happens when...

You have a label maker, a BF who seems to like showing his affection for me & Sensitive skin?


Mr.BF was playing around with my nifty new label maker when he decided to be funny and print a "Property of ......" sticker... He then came over and stuck it on me....
Funny funny... didn't think anything of it until I pulled it off and was left with a huge red mark...

That was on Thursday.
Its now Monday...
Ive tried aloe, lotion & ice but nothing works...

The good news: He feels really really bad and apologizes everyday about it.. as he should! :P

The bad news: Its not going away and I've had to walk around displaying it because its summer and wearing turtle necks isn't even an option!

Ugh... Better be gone before the cottage this weekend!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Kim Kardashians Goodies

I'm not even gonna lie about the fact that I'm a HUGE Kim Kardashian fan...
I don't know if its her amazing hair, her flawless face (thanks to her makeup artists), her amazing sense of style, her love of curves or the fact that she really just seems chill...


Look at this face.... how can you not?!

Anyway now you can own a part of Kim & Co's closet by bidding for it on Ebay.
Check it out... I mean if you're a size 2-4 or an xs-s that is lol..

Kims Closet

Stay Pretty ;)

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Notorious the story of Notorious B.I.G. RIP

NOTORIOUS is the story of Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Christopher Wallace). Through raw talent and sheer determination, Wallace transforms himself from Brooklyn street hustler (once selling crack to pregnant women) to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

I finally saw the movie Notorious last night. Yeah I know it came out on Jan 16th (my bday) but I finally got a copy from my brother..
WOW! What a great movie... If you haven't bothered to see it yet I highly suggest you do.

I was impressed by all the actors especially Antonique Smith as Faith Evans and Jamal Woolard as Biggie.

I also found out that Biggies real son play the role of biggie (age 8-13) in the movie..

Anyways I loved it!
Have you seen it? Loved it? Hated it?
Speak your mind!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Really Paris? Hello Kitty Overboard!

Dear Paris,

I remember when I didn't know who the heck you were and you looked like this.. a normal brown eyed girl!

I came to know of you when you made every lame attempt to get noticed, with your horrible makeup, lack of bras in your collection and your infamous getting out of the car flash! Oye what a mess you were...

Then came your "I'm a mature adult cuz I'm 23" stage, which I have to say made me actually want to know more about you. You really turned things around with such images like this...
You covered up, bought some bras and actually learned how to wear underware thank god!

I was somewhat impressed I gotta say. You have continued to stay on my good side so kudos to you BUT shit girl what the heck is up with all the Hello Kitty ish???!

Yeah HK is cute but your last stint in Japan where you wore a dress covered in little Hello Kitty heads was just plain whack! And NO miss Paris not even you could pull this off!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Long Weekend & a Glimpse at Cottage Country

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada so we got to enjoy Monday off woohoo!

Anyway Friday I went out with the girls for a long overdue "girls night". We ended up at some club which was ok but totally reminded me of going clubbing in high school.

Anyway I decided to try out false lashes for the first time ever and here how it looked... What do you think?

Saturday me and Mr.BF went up to his families cottage for the day. Its about 2 hours away from where we live so I was woken up at 7am with an enthusiastic "GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, get up get up get up its cottage time!"

I was not impressed with the wakeup call as I had only crawled into bed at 2am from my girls night but was super stoked for the drive.... Yes I'm one of those, who LOVES all the random cows, billy goats and horses along the way up north!

I was going to be meeting his grandfather and a lot of his aunts, uncles and cousins but I wasn't nervous at all... more excited.

We finally arrived and I was welcomed by his gramps with a huge hug... aww how cute :)
It set the tone for the day and I couldn't have felt more welcome or comfortable.

The Lake

Lake side of the cottage

Tunes by the water how sweet :)

I don't like beer really but, hey when in cottage country do as they do!

We hung out had lunch, he played some guitar for me and then we went on the speed boat for a ride around the lake and so that Mr.BF could go water skiing.

I have never been water skiing let alone seen someone I know doing it so it was cool... the idea of water skiing was out of the question for the rest of us given the hiding sun and weedy waters but Mr.BF was a trooper.
To my surprise he did really well... Who knew!

Cousins Prepping the boat.

View inside the boat

There he goes.... wait what happened?

Oh there he is... and hes OK!!

After the boat ride I needed a nap given the lack of sleep so I lay down with this cute lil guy.. the BFs fams dog "Bear" I heart him!

There was also this dog at the cottage named Murphy... Looks innocent and sweet huh? NOPE! Found out the next day from his mom that Murphy had attacked the neighbours tiny lil dog and he would now need surgery. NUTS!

This weekend was simply a preview of whats to come as we head up to the cottage for the entire weekend in 2 weeks, cant wait!

Can I get an AMEN for short weeks?!!

Stay Pretty ;)

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