Weekend Recovery...

Saturday night was one of my BBF's bdays...
I was smart and didn't eat dinner but decided to drink...
Which lead to me being sick that night... and the next morning...
Poor Mr.25 being the great guy he is took care of me the whole weekend.
My ribs still kill :(

In other news I hosted my mascara party yesterday the results of which will be posted soon.

Also I will be giving away a brand new Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara in the next few days.. Be sure to check back so you can enter my giveaway!
Want a $5 off coupon? Go here www.livethepulse.ca

I'm still in shock over the death of MJ.. I know its been talked about to death (no pun intended) but its just such a tragic loss... I'm still sad...

Stay Pretty ;)

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*Ring ring*
Hey, you're never going to believe who died....
Michael Jackson
WHAT?!!! Are you f'n kidding me?
NO its so sad...
Cardiac arrest.... its all over the news..
Wow... I'm speechless....

Mr. 25 called to tell me the sad news... I was out shopping for a dress for a happy occasion (one of my bff's engagement party), happy that I had found "the" dress when I was hit with this news...

I wasn't really sure how to feel... I felt my heart sink a little and the feeling of deep sadness come over me. WHY? because I have always been a huge MJ fan even through all his controversial times. He was a symbol of my youth, memories of my little brother trying to do the moon walk. I still get excited every single time I hear a MJ song come on the radio..

Where were you when you heard the news?

His music was timeless, classic and nothing short of amazing!
He will be truly missed not only by his millions of fans but by the world of entertainment...

As a tribute Ill post some of my favorite Jackson pics & songs (some I wont be able to embed)... What are your favorites? Memories?

Stay Pretty ;)

RIP Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett Has Died at Age 62.

Entertainment Tonight just posted:

"ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT has learned that Farrah Fawcett died today at St. John's Health Center in Los Angeles after a courageous and lengthy battle with anal cancer. She was 62.

The '70s style icon and "Charlie's Angels" star was born in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 2, 1947 and attended the University of Texas at Austin. She got her first career break in the late 1960s, appearing in TV commercials and then guest-starring on TV shows such as "I Dream of Jeannie," "The Flying Nun" and "The Partridge Family." She also appeared on several episodes of "The Six Million Dollar Man," starring husband Lee Majors. The couple married in 1973 but separated in 1979, divorcing in 1982. Afterwards, Farrah began a tempestuous, on-and-off relationship with actor Ryan O'Neal, and the pair had a son, Redmond O'Neal, in 1985."

I am glad she is no longer suffering. Rest in peace...

Not only was she beautiful and talented but we shared a name... well Sort of...

Stay Pretty,

I feel so helpless....

Mr.25 is on strike and is sad and slightly depressed about it...
-Twenty-four thousand inside and outside workers — virtually the entire municipal civil service workers are now on strike-

They don't know how long they will be on strike but in the meantime they don't get paid.
He didn't even want to strike but when you're part of a union...well you have no choice.
It could last up to a month.... with NO pay... ok well sorry if you picket every freakin day 7am-11am you get a VERY minimal amount per week... enough to pay lets say your cell phone bill.

I feel so helpless, I don't know what I can say or do to make things better... plus I'm sure having a gf hasn't been kind to his wallet since he insists on taking care of the bill...

Poor guy, I hope this gets resolved soon....

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Somebody LIED to me!

Whomever told me that Zack and Miri Make a Porno was a good movie should be hurt!

A friend of mine mentioned today how she saw a movie on the weekend on TV and how bad it sucked and it reminded me of when I saw it a few weeks ago.

It was a Friday night and I was sitting there with Mr.25 deciding what movie to order off the TV when I passed Zack and Miri Make a Porno on the list. I remember people telling me it was funny when it came out so we ordered it....

YEAH NO! Save yourself from 2 hours you will
never get back and just yell "NEXT" if and when anyone ever suggests this movie as an option!

You will thank me someday!

Stay pretty ;)

The Mascara's have arrived!! Do you want one FREE??

So a while back Maybelline New York contacted me to test out their new Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara. Its brand new technology that hasn't even hit the stores yet!
Check out the details here..

So I will be hosting a mascara party next Monday where me and a bunch of girls will be testing these babies out!

Oh and the best part?! I will be giving one brand new Pulse Perfection Vibrating mascara in Blackest Black away for FREE right here on my B-log!!!

Stay tuned for your chance to win one of these!

They wrapped them up so pretty too! Gotta love it ;)

Have a beautiful weekend yall ;)
Stay Pretty ;)

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Ok I'm in serious need of a detox! I feel gross and like I've been putting crap into my body with all the coffee, sugar and over all bad eating...

I need to drop a few lbs from the winter and get a little bit more active... or active at all I should say!

As of Monday I am starting my detox....
Cutting back on Coffee,dairy,white flour & sugar!

Committing myself to drinking at least 2L of water a day and trying to get some sort of exercise in during the week...

It doesn't help that Mr.25 is fit and for lack of a better word skinny and just LOVES to eat...

Oh well Detox Mission starting Monday! Anyone wanna join? Suggestions?

Mac Cosmetics Sale 25% off!!!

Mac Cosmetics 25% off sale!

I figured its time I gave back lol I know this will make some of you VERY happy so here you go ;)

Do you have a product that Mac Cosmetics carries that you cant live without or have always wanted but hate paying retail for?

Well you're in luck because Mac Cosmetics is having its annual 3 day ONLY 25% off sale June 16-18 2009.

Be sure to stock up and enjoy ;)
Click picture for details.


Save 25% on all online purchases. Use offer code SAVE25 at checkout.
Offer is valid from June 16 - 18 on orders shipped to Canadian addresses
only. Offer is not valid on Viva Glam products.

Receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any CAD $75+ purchase. No offer code necessary. Offer is valid on orders shipped to Canadian addresses only

ps- Im not sure if this is North America wide or just Canada.... Hmm anyone know?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Would you say something?

Have you ever been in a store, taken item to the cash and been charged less than you were supposed to? What did you do? Did you tell the cashier their mistake or just keep quiet?

This has happened to me twice this week...

Bath & Body works is having a sale and it was buy 2 get one free so I'm thinking great I gather my items 2 Fig & Brown Sugar body lotions & 1 Fig & Brown Sugar body pray. I love this scent and its now discontinued. I also picked up their rose blame or whatever its called that can be used on lips, elbows,face & cuticles.

I'm up at the cash and the girl cant find the sku for the sale so she asks the guy to her right and he says oh just punch it in and take off a zero. She does this and lets me know my total is $19.95.....

I know this isnt correct or rather I thought something was up since it didnt quite make sense however I wasnt about to say something I mean what if I was wrong.

After I left I checked the bill and noticed she charged me for ONE and have me TWO free!

Then yesterday I was with Mr.25 and we headed to this flee market near his place and there was a Revlon sale there so I was like hellz yeah lets go! I ended up picking up some transparent pvc bags for my kit and Revlons Bare It All luminzing lotion in 2 colors.
The lotions were 2 for $5 but when I got to the cash the guy only charged me a $1 each...

I felt kinda bad when I left but didn't say anything... truthfully I'm not sure I ever would unless it was a HUGE difference....

What would you do? Would you correct their mistake?

Stay Pretty ;)

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Just another Melting Monday......

So Ive been holding out on writing about Mr. 25 for a while now because I kind of wanted to see where it would go, if he was worthy of a blog post & quite frankly if I could stand him for more then 5 dates....

Well its been almost 2 months since we met and I think its time....

Not only has he lasted WAY past my usual 5 (or less) date cut off, I actually look forward to seeing him each and every time... this is the way it should be no?

Ive been single for 2 years now and although as you all have read Ive been on many dates there's something special about this one. I had actually given up on finding anyone who would catch my interest... everyone told me it would happen when I wasn't expecting it and I never believed them but trust me when I say I wasn't expecting this at all!

He makes me laugh, feel incredibly beautiful and feel like I'm something special... which to him I guess I am :)

I don't know what the future holds but I do know what I feel right now.... and that's Happy with a capital H!

Oh and for the first time in 2 years I am no longer single! And guess what??? It doesn't scare me!
*big smiles*

I should shut up now.... hehe

Stay Pretty ;)

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Are you a WINNER????

And the Winners are..................

Katrina is a Princess
Miss Cindy

Winners will be contacted over the weekend :)
Thank you to all who entered and don't worry if you didn't win this time I have another giveaway planned sometime soon ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Last Chance for Free Sh*&....

Today is your last chance to enter my GIVEAWAY so go enter NOW!!

Winners will be announced tomorrow so be sure to check back ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

SNeak Peek Green Screen Photos from Set..

So yesterday was my first on film experience and I gotta say it was awesome.
I didn't sleep much the night before because I was going through everything I needed for the shoot over and over...

I got to set at 8am and met the talent & directors who were all really laid back and friendly which in turn relaxed me a bit.

Anyway I'm not allowed to mention the company this ad was for until its launched but here are a few sneak peek pics from behind the scenes.

The look was "corporate".

I worked on the hair and makeup for this shoot so I'm very proud of myself :D

My giveaway ends this Thursday so don't forget to enter if you haven't... GO HERE!

Stay Pretty ;)

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On Set All Day!

Up early and heading to my first TV gig woohoo!!!
Working on an ad for a HUGE company so Ill be on set all day...

Have a great day and wish me luck *fingers crossed*

Stay Pretty ;)

Photoshoot teaser pics from the weekend... HAWT!

I worked on a lingerie photoshoot Sunday with a great photographer and amazing models.
Here are some hawt teaser pics... what do you think??

Please keep in mind these are unedited & un-retouched proofs only...

Makeup Artist: Far - ME ;)

Model: Melissa H (Elite Model Management)

Model: Kristina C (Sutherland Models)

Models: Melissa & Kristina

I had a great time working with these girls they were so sweet and easy to work with.
Great pics no??

Stay pretty ;)

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Is my font color ok?

Hey peeps
Got some complaints that my font colors where too light and hard to read so I made them darker.

Can everyone see this text ok?? do I need to go darker??

Please comment & let me know ;)

Thanks Dolls

Also Ill be heading out to do a lingerie photoshoot soon.... I'm thinking dark smokey sexy eyes and nude lips for the models.

This should be interesting!
Off to pack up my kit...

Check back tomorrow for behind the scene shots...

Stay Pretty ;)

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Prom girls revealed & Dont friend request me if.....

Its Friday Bitches!!!!

Who else is feeling extra happy today??.... anyone?..... Buller...Buller....

Anyway I promised pics of the prom girls who's makeup I did yesterday so here ya go.
Makeup Artist: Far (moi)
Prom Girls: Amy & Jenn G.

They are twins can you believe!
Such sweethearts though... they NEVER wear makeup I was told so this was huge for them. I kept it fairly light but they looked stunning... I wish I was a smart cookie and took before pics... but I wasn't..

Yesterday was a lot of fun but now I'm looking forward to my next gig which is a lingerie photoshoot this Sunday ;) Ill try to get some behind the scenes shots for you voyeurs ;)

On a side note.... If you're going to add me as a friend on Facebook and I don't know you chances are I'm going to click on your profile to see who you are.... If one of the groups you belong to is "Toronto Casual Sex" your ass is getting ignored AND blocked!!! Thanks but NO thanks!

Stay Pretty ;)

ps- Date with Mr.25 tonight ;)

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Damn you Allergies!

Waking up with itchy eyes that no matter how hard you to to scratch still remain itchy.
They puff so much no makeup will help.
Nose running so fast you cant catch it.
So stuffed you are forced to breathe through your mouth which only leads to dry lips...
You sneeze so much and so fast people look at you like you're mad..

I run to the medicine cabinet to find relief...
An empty pack.....
What dumb ass put an empty pack in the cabinet??
Is this a sick joke?


So suffer I must today....
because I'm the dumb ass....

Damn you allergies..... damn you!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Prom time..... ahh memories

Tomorrow I'm doing prom makeup for twins.... they look nothing alike. One has long dirty blond hair and the other has dark down shoulder length hair with glasses. They are adorable and don't normally wear makeup but want the smokey eye look... this should be fun!

All this prom talk has brought back memories of my own..
The pre-prom party at our friends house,
All the parents snapping pics (I don't think mine were there so I have none lol),
The limo ride with 12 of your closest friends,
My date - oh lord don't even wanna think about him actually....
My dress that ended up showing wayyy too much cleavage cuz nothing can contain these damn things....
The stupid prom queen and king thing... ours was SO fixed and lame!
The after party in the hotel lobby!
The day after brunch....

I'm SO glad those days are behind me... Prom was fun yes and I'm def glad I went but you know... I'm just glad that was then and this is now lol...

What are your fav or not so fav prom memories??

Stay Pretty ;)

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Back @ work with pics from the wedding..

What a wonderful day Sunday was!
One of my best friends and her man of 14 years finally got hitched!
We all met in grade 9 where we shared many laughs & memorable moments.
They dated then broke up due to cultural differences but remained best of friends....
They got back together shortly after but kept their relationship on the down low for nearly 12 years when they decided that it was either move forward openly or end things.

We all know how that turned out and yesterday I watched as they exchanged vows in front of their proud friends and families.

I spent the whole day avoiding tears and making sure everyone knew I wasn't a cryer but that all went down the tubes when I heard them reciting their vows. Tears flowed down my face as I tried to casually wipe them away so the camera man would have no evidence. I looked over at our other bestie standing up at the Chuppah with me and saw her red eyes and flowing tears and I got goose bumps.

This had been a long day in the making and the amount of joy and love for these two was felt all over the room.

I was so honored to be a part of their special day and look forward to watching them grow old together. AC you are now AP ;) Luv u!

Here are some pics from the day... not many of me I'm sorry I am waiting for people to post em!

The groom arrives in style!

The hall looked stunning. All tables were lit, the head table was perfect and the flowers were stunning.

Centerpieces..... beautiful huh?!

Outside the hall...


Brides Bouquet! Ours were equally as stunning...

Head table...

First dance... SO perfect.

Not the best pic but whatever... me in my Saree ready for the hindu ceremony...

Monday I had off and it was spent hung over lol.... I also went back to my school to pick up my diploma and found out I graduated with honors baby!! woohoo!

Date with Mr.25 tonight..... I'm all smiley thinkin about it .... :D

Stay Pretty ;)

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