FINALLY! My Crackberry has arrived!

I finally got my Blackberry Bold yesterday!! I heart it... its SO much easier to text with then my stupid knock off iphone touch screen from china I got as a backup phone and blackberry messenger is pretty cool...

Heres a question for all you crackberry users... if i give someone my pin # and they arent in my phonebook can they see my phone # or can I see theirs?? Also I was playing some of the games that came with my phone and when I went to put in my highscore it asked for my name and password and any password I tried was incorrect... anyone?? Buller??

One more question... who knows where I can get cool free applications, themes & games for my BB??

wow I can totally see now why they call it crackberry!! Its SO addicting :)
Once you go black(berry) you never go back.... that IS what they say isnt it lol..

Have a great weekend :)
Stay Pretty ;)

Get to know Me just a little better ;)

So Andy over at Wild ARS Chase has challenged his readers to join him in his "get to know me" week post SO since Im a loyal reader I decided to get in on the action :)

The general rules are to write a post about:
A) Something nobody knows about you, or
B) One of your favorites stories from your childhood, or
C) Your 10 Top Favorite (Fill in the Blank)

So since anything you all dont know about me ive chosen to keep private for a reason and favorite stories from my childhood seem so blah right now im going to go with option C.

So here goes...My 10 Top favorite old school r&b songs because not only do I LOVE old school but it also reminds me of the days of mixtapes... remember those hehe...

in random order..
1) Groove Theory - Tell Me
2) Toni Braxton - You're makin me high
3) Zhane - Hey Mr DJ
4) Bel Biv devoe - Poison
5) Tony! Toni! Tone - Feels Good
6) Shanice - I love your smile
7) Boyz II Men - Motownphilly
8) Hi-Five - I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)
9) En Vogue - Hold On
10) SWV - Weak

ok so since these are only a small portion of some amazing old school jams im going to keep the list going because I cant leave these ones out..

Ginuwine - Pony
Micheal Jackson - Pretty Young Thing
Mariah Carey - Fantasy
TLC - Aint to proud to beg & No Scrubs & Waterfalls
Usher - You make me wanna
Next - Too Close
Aaliyah - Back and Forth
Monica - Dont take it personal
Brandy - Baby & I wanna be down
Donell Jones - you know whats up
Joe Public - Live and Learn
New Edition - Hit Me Off
Color Me Badd - All for Love & I wanna sex you up
Mary J Blige - Real Love
Sade - No Ordinary Love
Silk - Freak Me
Keith Sweat - Twisted & Nobody
KC & Jojo - All My Life
Shai - If I ever Fall In Love

well you get the point... I could go on and sure im forgetting a few and if you haven't heard any of these I suggest or google :P Also if you see any ive missed feel free to add to my list :)

Id once again like to thank Andy for this fun idea. If you would like to join in on the fun do up your own "Get to know me" post and be sure to let Andy know so he can add you to his list on his blog :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends have some gobble gobble for me ;)

****UPDATE @ 1PM*** The Giveaway Winner is.....
I decided that since only 9 ppl entered and only 8 wanted buttons that I will make a button for all of you who wanted one!! This is only because you all ROCK and even though I got a ton of hits on my giveaway post you are the ones that entered (maybe outta pitty) so that I wouldnt be sad!! Luvs ya.. ill be contacting all of you with your buttons in the next week yay congrats!!
You also get linkies...
Life In A Cube
Dave Q
Bon Don
The Odd Duck
& Robin

Stay Pretty ;)

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Button Design Giveaway! 1 Day ONLY!

Ok so in the spirit of American Thanksgiving (we had ours a month ago) I want to give a big THANK YOU to all my readers, lurkers, commenter's & friends by offering to make a personalized blog button for one lucky winner :)

I know its not much but A) its unisex lol which was the complaint in my last giveaway and B) its all I have to offer right now so take it or leave it ;)

Here is my button I created for my site just as an example... (yours will be about the same size)

So all you lovely people have to do is leave a comment below :) I will draw the winner tomorrow at 1pm so make sure you comment before. Be sure to leave me your blog address and email :)

If no one enters then I'll be really sad and feel very unloved... do YOU want that on your shoulders?? I didn't think so!!

Also I would just like to say I see all you lurkers.. dont think I dont lol... It would be nice just to know who you are... even if you dont want a button ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

Here's a hint.. TAKE it!

It appears that my constant sarcasm, rudeness and ignoring is no match for the all mighty Mr. Pisser as he continues to think he stands even the slightest chance with me after asking total strangers to touch my no zones!
I received a text 2 nights ago from him saying "what are you saying?".... see not only did it make me think WOW even ignoring this boy isn't working but the words he chose to use annoyed me for some reason...

I mean I would have must rather preferred "what you sayin?" or "what are you doing?" or "yo shorty whats the good word" or something but "what are you saying?" just seems.... well it just doesn't flow right... a little too structured. I dunno maybe he just annoys me in general so everything he does in turn annoys the shit outta me... needless to say I didn't respond and although I'm hoping he finally takes a hint I have a feeling Mr Pisser will continue to piss on my parade every now and then!

Anyway as I was driving to work I saw a sign for Xmas Wine... what the heck is xmas wine? Is it bottled by elves? Is it blessed by Santa? Are there tiny candy cane pieces in it? (that could be yum)... I mean why call it xmas wine.. You know what I would love to see... Halloween wine, Valentines wine, St Patricks day wine, Hanukkah wine, Eid wine... err ok forget the last one its too taboo...
But come on tell me you ladies wouldn't run out to buy Valentines wine just because the bottle had little tiny cute hearts on it?!!

And guys you know you would be curious about Green Wine ;) Any excuse to drink green liquids right?!

Stay Pretty ;)

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I realized something over the weekend...

Gingerbreadhousing alone sucks!

I had originally bought this gingerbread house kit cuz I thought it would be something cute to do with either my nephews or my girls... yeah well I was bored Friday night and grumpy and so despite repeated attempts by friends to get me out of the house I stayed in and gingerbreadhoused it up!

I had big thoughts of how fun it would be since I love being crafty and creative & the idea that I would get to eat it all after was already making my mouth water even before I started. I finished the making of this ginger house in about 30 minutes.... ok so it didnt quite occupy my entire evening as I thought it might but thats ok because that left me the entire night to munch at it in front of the tv....

Another thing I realized this weekend.... gingerbread houses are not so yummy when every bite is mixed with sour or chewy candy! I started with the roof mostly because it was the easiest to get to, gingerbread, icing & sour tarts are NOT I repeat NOT a good mix! YUCK... ok so I gave it a second shot and tried to stay away from the sour stuff, this time I got a chewy piece... again YUCK!

I gave up after 2 bites and my Friday night plans of eating that entire house were foiled by candy, who would have thunk it!! SO anyone want some gingerbread house??! I thought ok I just took a tiny piece off the roof I can still display it for a few days to show off my hard or not so hard work but the smell is starting to make me puke a little in my mouth every time I go near it now cuz I keep remembering the taste of the horrible mixture SO its going in the trash tonight!

Pretty to look at but not to taste!

ps- Dont make fun of my G-house makin skills... I tried and the damn icing bag hole was too big... lol

Stay Pretty ;)

Dear Rogers Wireless

Dear Rogers Wireless,

I was thrilled when I called you 3 weeks ago to upgrade my cell and you told me that I was eligible to receive a brand new Blackberry Bold for only $100! Your customer rep was super nice and assured me that I would be happy with this phone & service when it arrived in 2-5 business days.

I have now been waiting over 3 freakin weeks for this fabu phone and I am less then impressed with your customer service on this matter. I have called several times over the last 3 weeks and it seems no one knows anything there so Ive come to the conclusion that you are all a bunch of idiots!

Impatiently Waiting,

You know what really grinds my gears? Episode 2

When I have to enter that silly little word verification box when leaving comments or if I enter my password wrong in gmail!

I mean I dont mean to complain about any of your blogs really I promise this is just about that damn word verification.... I always screw it up and it takes me 2 sometimes 3 just to post what I have to say... I suppose I could type slower, pay more attention and double check before I hit the enter button but sometimes my fingers work faster than my brain.

As I understand it, the purpose of this is to stop spam but I would just like to point out that I dont have the word verification on and I haven't gotten one spam comment (watch me get one one this very post) to this day.....

Just sayin... think about it ppl...

Stay Pretty ;)

Ive been blinded by love or likes one 2 many time!

Ok Ill admit it... I dated a funny walker!!.... for an entire year too.. We shall call him Mr. Souvlaki

The only way to describe Mr.Souvlaki's walk would be to say it was almost like he had a pickle up his bum and was always dressed in invisible tight leather chaps!

I met him at a lounge. It was dark, I was tipsy and I wasn't really paying too much attention to him because his friend was following me around like a mosquito so I didn't notice the "walk". I must have noticed it on our first date (it was so long ago I don't remember but really how could I not right?) but he was sweet and interesting and we sat most of the date anyway so when he asked to see me again I agreed to a second date. Date 2 lead to 3...10...50 etc.. fast forward about 10 months, a bunch of lies (on his part), excuses and arguments and I was no longer blind. The "walk" stood out more... it became embarrassing and truth be told it added to my already fading feelings for Mr Souvlaki.

I ended things a few months after and we remained civil. I saw him a few times in the following year after the break up for coffee or a drink and each time I left I shuddered a little to think I was actually his gf for so long.

The worst part is when I mentioned it after the break up to my girls they all let out a massive sigh of relief and I knew exactly what that meant.... They could finally talk about it. They could finally ask me how it never bothered me or why the heck he walked like that to begin with. The only answer I could ever come up with was I don't know... I guess the saying love is blind is true... what about likes though? Im not so convinced I was ever in love with him...

Have you ever been blinded by love or likes?? What did you overlook then that makes you want to gag now??

Stay Pretty ;)

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Big Blogger Swap & Giveaway Winners!!

20SB Blog Swap 3
Today's guest post is brought to you by
Nicole Antoinette
More Is Better
This is all part of the 20 Something Bloggers "Blog Swap 3".
Don't forget to go check out my post over on her site.

We decided to interview each other so here are Nicole's Q's to me...

1. Tell us one thing you think your readers should know about you.

One thing... well um I hate unpunctuality if you are late... always late.. always more then 16 minutes late without a good reason or phone call and on a regular basis... I cant promise I wont hurt you :) im serious!
yes I felt you all really needed to know this which is why I chose this as my ONE thing I should share ;)

2. What's the craziest outfit you've ever worn?

I think it was back in grade 9 or 10... picture this... frizzy long dark curly/wavy hair, no makeup, a worn out white t-shirt with a multicolored (I believe stripped) vest and black khaki type pants.... YEAH! thank god I discovered makeup, hair products and fashion lol..

3. Name three things that you'd like to accomplish in your life.

-Finding a career I really adore... I haven't quite figured this one out yet..

-Traveling most if not all of the world & learning about as many cultures and traditions as possible... im slowly getting there :)

-Going on a date that doesn't suck!!
lol no seriously though...... Finding a sig other I cant imagine life (and that doesn't annoy the crap outta me) without and having a family of my own... this is super important to me and at the rate im going it will be an accomplishment if it every happens lol..

4. What are your favorite beauty products?

Oh wow this is a loaded question cuz I have lots but ill name a few...

-Foundation Primer by Gosh Cosmetics (available at shoppers drug mart in Canada)
-Studio Fix Fluid Foundation by Mac Cosmetics (only for big nights out)
-Knight Divine eyeshadow by Mac Cosmetics
-All makeup brushes by Quo
-Q-Tips... I prob go through 300-400 a month cuz I use them for anything and everything
-Coco butter body lotion (smells sooooo good)
-Pink Sugar by Aqualina perfume
-Vaseline for my lips and sometimes for dry skin patches before bed
-Watermelon or strawberry roll on lipgloss by NYC (super shiny, tasty and not sticky)
-Covergirl lash blast mascara
These are just some of my favs....

5. Who inspires you the most?

My father & grandfather (his father)...
They are so wise and for some reason I never have the urge to question anything they say or do and so I totally look up to both of them for inspiration and guidance.

6. If you could only read one blog every day, which blog would it be?

Again a loaded question... I mean truthfully the only blog I read each and everyday is my own lol...There are a few I adore and read often but I cant pick just one... I know I know boring but I just don't want to single anyone out there are so many funny, entertaining blogs... check my follows for some of them...

7. Who are the main characters in your "soap opera?"

The main character is defiantly me of course and just random people that enter my crazy world! You have all read about some of the men... or should I say boys that have been in my life... also i talk about some of my close girlfriends sometimes.

8. What makes you happy?

Lots of things...

-sunny days
-puppies (when i can give them back, im not ready to be a pet owner yet)
-kids (when i can give them back, im not ready to be a mommy yet)
-amazing friends (when i can give them back... lol jk)
-long drives nowhere
-big fat snow flakes but only when im warm inside and going no where
-the idea of love... even though i have a icebox where my heart used to be!
-romance.... read above
-a great sleep
-mail... not email but actual mail.. this makes me really happy and excited for some reason
- surprises :) who doesn't love those... well unless the surprise is bad.. then not so much!

Now a little bit about my awesome blog swap partner and my interviewer.

Nicole Antoinette loves red velvet cake, big hoop earrings, and pretending she's the DIY type. When she's not eating Brie cheese, she can be found blogging at More is Better, her personal blog where nothing is ever off limits.

Thanks for the great questions Nicole feel free to check her blog out and see her answers to the questions I asked her :)

Now to announce my first giveaway WINNERS yay!

Congratulations to Mojito Maven and Maxie!!!!!

You 2 are the lucky winners :) I will be contacting you via email for your info. Also I would like to thank all those that entered. I will be doing another give away in a few weeks and this time im going to try to make it more unisex! Or maybe ill just do 2 one for the girls and one for the boys ;)

Stay Pretty ;)

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Shout Outs & Blog Secrets!

I cant go on posting today without first mentioning ....

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my boy P-Dub!!

Peter Dewolf is not only an awesome guy but a talented writer & blogger! He recently wrote a book and after finding the link to it and reading the preview I was hooked! I bought the book and I have to admit im somewhat in love with the main character Brandon... you will be too when you read his novella, so support this uber talented fellow blogger and buy his book here. If you simply cant wait to start reading (and this will happen after you read the preview) there is an option to buy the downloadable version for only $5.00! You cant go wrong here people trust me.. he had me laughing, in tears and now im just in love... *sigh*
THANKS Peter! :P

Anyway Happy Birthday Peter! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true ;)

Now onto the Blog Secret Exchange!

Write a blog post about something secret. Publish it anonymously on someone else's blog.

Ok so my "secret" is posted anonymously on someone elses blog (if I told you where id have to kill you) BUT this is the anon secret of a random Blog Secret participant that I was sent to post by the organizer Nilsa over SOMI .

Here's the anonymous secret please feel free to comment...

Walking back home from work a few weeks ago, I catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye of two girls, most likely in their late teens, early twenties, walking in the opposite direction. One of the girls glances over at me and quickly runs my way stopping a little under a foot away from me and begins her "sales" pitch -
"Hi! My name is -"
Before she could continue I cut her off after I see her black name tag with LDS (Mormon Church) written on it.
"I'm not interested," I replied as I kept walking, my pace speeding up.
"Oh, well can I give you my card - " she persisted as she trotted next to me.
"NO. Not interested!"

And with that she gave up and returned to her friend. I didn't look back.
Guilt slowly made its way through me, crept onto my shoulders and sat there tapping away. I was terse and sharp with the girl who really meant no harm. My gut reaction had been to shove her aside as forcefully as possible and I succeeded. Had I taken a deep breath, I could have added a "no, thank you" followed by a smile.

But I've always had a deep sense of dislike for missionaries from any religion. Even my own. What I hate - yes, hate, not dislike - are those who insist on bleeding their beliefs onto others and even injecting it into politics, culture, and social issues. Faith to me is personal and shouldn't be advertised, so to speak, but respected.

I grew up in a place where my religion was prohibited from being practiced. My family even had to abide by some of the religious laws/beliefs of another religion. And I abhorred it. To force my religious beliefs onto others is inconceivable to me. Perhaps because I experienced it first hand, I could never think of doing it to others.

And here I am in 2008. Living in a so called liberal country. Yet all around me I witness a variety of instances where different religious beliefs are infused into politics, a place religion should ideally never be found, but in reality minimized as much as possible. Yes, there should be freedom of speech. If a person wants to stand on a box on the corner of Main Street preaching to the masses about Jesus, Mohammad, or Buddha, then of course so be it. But when a person or group of people persist on impregnating policies with their religious beliefs...well that's where the line needs to be drawn.

The Mormon girl who came up to me to discuss her religious beliefs with me was practicing freedom of speech and I should have realized that on the spot. Instead of being acrid, I could have turned her down politely. It's my freedom to do so.

When those in power, however, want to take away the right a woman has to do whatever she wants with her body or to exclusively define marriage as between man and woman solely based on their religious belief, that's when I get heated and angered.

If you don't already, learn to respect others' beliefs, no matter what they may be. And if you're having a hard time doing so, try role reversal. Imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, forced to act as they have dictated based on their dogma. Trust me, it's not fun on any level.

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So I just got this pic back and....

I just got some pics back from my girlfriends birthday party 2 weekends ago and this one stood out. I love it because I look SO happy , like I have not a care in the world. I also love the affectionate hand of my girlfriend. I must have been REALLY happy that night... the other pics are truly odd... for some reason I insisted on doing the peace sign in like every pic I took.. I never do that!!!

Anyway this is prob one of my fav pics just simply for the emotion that comes through.. to me anyway!

I adore my friends and this pic really shows how they feel about me... I don't know what I would do without them.

Love you guys with a passion!

Stay Pretty ;)

Its Just Another Manic Monday!!

Good Monday morning :)

Its freakin brrr out today but super sunny which surprisingly didnt make me want to blast the heat straight into my face driving to work today...

Lots to talk about today...

Today is your absolute last chance to enter my giveaway so go comment here to enter by midnight tonight...

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Blog Secret Event. There are about 90 participants who emailed the organizer our "secrets" and she randomly distributed them around to the other participants. What does this mean? it means tomorrow I will be posting SOMEONE ELSE's secret as my post and someone else will have mine on theirs (anonymously of course). So make sure you check back tomorrow and comment on the big blog secret exchange. It should be interesting!

Today im going through some really stressful stuff in my "real" life so Im not in a very talkative mood sorry :( I hope you are all having a better day then I am right now...

Stay Pretty ;)

One more day to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

Hey yall

I'm picking my 2 winners Tuesday for my first giveaway so now is your last chance to enter. You have until Monday at midnight to enter so make sure you leave a comment here.

Wakka Wakka! :P

Stay Pretty ;)

A Love Hate Relationship...

Dear ice cream,
I hate that you call my name when im walking down the freezer section of the grocery store.
I hate that you come in so many yummy varieties that I feel unfair if I dont taste you all.
I hate that you are made of milk and taste so freakin good.
I hate that im lactose intolerant and get a tummy ache when I eat you but have no willpower to not.
I hate that when you are in my freezer you are almost always gone within 3 days.
I hate that you are adding to my already flabby belly instead of my butt where you are needed.
I hate that I crave you even when its freezing out.
I hate that you melt in my mouth and turn into liquid so I trick myself into eating more.

Most of all ice cream....
I hate that I love you.



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I knew there was a good excuse for that wet spot!

The other day I visited my family doctor for a cough that's been haunting me for 3 weeks now and to ask if she could suggest something for my skin which has been giving me issues for the last month because of all the stress Ive been under.
I left her office with a few new tidbits of information...

1- That I need an inhaler until my cough goes away and that it tastes like powder... boo

2 - That I have a deviated septum which I kinda always thought I had cuz I have serious breathing issues via my nose but its good to know that my suspicions were confirmed. Ive opted to live with it for now instead of surgery because I rather like my nose :)

3- That my DR's middle initials are KY! Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on her knowing her middle initials are KY!! Think about it.... Kate K.Y Chan. I wonder how much she was teased in med school about that one and why on earth would she want that on her degree certificate? The only conclusion I can think of is that doctors really arent phased by much...
Lets go back to point number 2 for a minute.... do you know what this means?

It means that whoever I end up with better be ok with there being a wet spot if I fall asleep on his chest cuz it looks like drooling isn't just for babies and dogs.. that's right I have a medical excuse people a medical excuse!!!!!! lol ok its not that bad but im just happy I now know the reason breathing through my nose is such and ish!

Ok that was way TMI wasnt it?!

One more thing... dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY as the contest closes Monday nov 17th :)

Stay Pretty :)

You know what really grinds my gears?

Just like Peter Griffin a lot of things really annoy me so I will be starting an ongoing series of posts called "you know what really grinds my gears?" starting today!

So you know what really grinds my gears??

When you put on a sweater that has a 2 way zipper and when you go to take it off it gets stuck at the bottom so you have to slither & struggle just to get out of it. Not the end of the world when you're alone but pretty damn annoying when you're not! I guess it would be worse if it was the zipper on your pants huh..

GRR to zippers that get stuck... Im convinced that there are zipper gremlins!

Stay Pretty ;)

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Voodoo Dolls & Edible Undies

I got into work this morning and had an email waiting for me from my a friend who said I should put this pic up on my blog it may come in handy... I guess shes read all my Mr Wonderful stories huh!

Is it wrong that someone thinks I could use this? OR that I actually really really want this? It excites me that it even comes in gold... bling bling voodoo!..

The black goes for $69.99 & the gold for $99.99 at They have tons of interesting things like this voodoo toothpick holder.. This could come in very handy during dinner parties lol...

They also have this candy necklace bra & undie set which ive seen in other stores before but for the life of me dont understand... Its kinda like the edible underwear.. like is it really comfy? And even if it is, it wont be when your sig other starts gobbling & slobbering away because it will get sticky and sticky is never good in the no zone one would think anyway....

Can anyone explain the whole edible undies to me please cuz I just dont get it!! I know some of you curious people have tried it and I want stories lol..

Stay Pretty ;)

Electronic Melt Down.....

RIP My Blue Toshiba Laptop...
You were old in your age, a brave replacement when my then brand new Acer started whistling at me even when it wasn't turned on and eventually keeled over. Even though I had to hold you a certain way and shut you down completely just so you would charge & you weighted so much my arm hurt to carry you from the living room to the bedroom, you had heart! You fought till the end when your light just couldn't shine bright, till your brain outlasted your body, till you knew you couldn't be recharged no matter how I cradled you....
Now it is time for your replacement. A newer, Younger more beautiful replacement... I cant say you will be missed but the memories we shared will last at least another week or two I promise you that!
Rest in Peace wherever you end up Toshi....... *sigh*

In other news please pray for my Nokia cell phone.... she is on her last breath as we speak... She was adopted on my last trip to Hong Kong earlier this year... I did not know of her problems when I adopted her. I was assured she was healthy and would live a long full life but it seems I was mislead by a very bad man...... :(

This hasn't been a very good week :(

Stay Pretty ;)

ps- Please take a moment of silence for not only Toshi but Remembrance day at 11:11am or whenever you read this....

I have a new bf... only he doesnt know it yet :)

Good Monday morning :)
Ok so im super tired this morning from a weekend of good times :)

I met my new boyfriend sat night *sigh*... my friend smurfette brought out her cousin who's visiting from Korea. It was his last night in Canada and so he wanted to come out partying with us.. His name escapes me right now... actually I dont think I ever got to his name when being introduced cuz I was blinded by loooove :).. ok maybe not love but his baby face, sweet smile and seductive eyes..

As we all got into the cab to head from the hotel to the club I positioned myself to sit beside him, then I decided that it would be a good idea to lay some of my smooth pick up lines on him right then and there so I looked at him and said "So how do you like Canada? Cuz Canada LIKES you!" Followed it with a wink and waited for a response... he smiled and blushed and then smurfette says "Far likes you hehehe" ... Then he said "well I like Far" to which I excitedly said "Far REALLY likes you"... I know what youre all thinking....GOD she's soooo smooth! Im the quen of cheese whiz trust me lol...

I was then informed that he had a gf back in Korea by my girl.. to which I responded "Hey different hoe's in different area codes!" lol.. I was kidding of course he was just pretty to look at im no home wrecker... He is a hot Korean boxer though... MMmm

Our love affair was over as soon as I got to the club as I was pulled left and right by the large group of people we knew there... I didnt see my Korean bf until the end of the night back at the hotel where he said goodbye and left for the airport. Byebye Mr Korea until we meet again....

While I was off on the dance floor somewhere my friends started dancing with this lil blond guy. I was informed that he was gay which is why they were so comfy with him. He grabbed my hand pulled me in front of him and started dancing.... It was jokes until...... until he touched my no zone :( I threw his hands off me, ran into my group of friends yelling "he touched my NO ZONE, he touched my no zone" with a big sad face.... yes I had had a few drinks so of course this gave them a good chuckle for about 10 minutes while I stood there wishing I could curl up in a ball under a hot shower, rocking back and forth while telling myself that it wasn't my fault....

The fact that he was gay didn't make it any better as you may think it would... NO one touches any of my no zones without MY green light first. I don't know why people think that they can just grab at will or give other ppl permission to touch me... Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "incapable of giving you the green light myself so please feel free to feel or ask others if they would like to feel"?.... I should just walk around in a sumo wrestling blow up suit..that way no one can get within 5 feet of me and even if they do they will be bounced back to the boundary line lol...

Overall I had a blast Saturday night......well until I woke up the next morning in the hotel said good morning to the girls, looked down and saw this tucked in that little space between our bed and the night stand.....

UmmmmMMMm........... ew much!

Stay Pretty ;)

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When NOT to ask others opinions on how you look today?!

The other day I asked a coworker today if she liked my hair...

she paused for about 5 seconds looked at me, looked away and then started her next sentence with a very long "weeeeeeell, you know how I DOOO like your hair? UP " smiled and went back to work...

Note to self:

Next time I blow dry my hair with NO effort, NO brush & NO product dont ask for anyones opinion!!

What I do know is the fact that I looked "acceptable" (I wont go as far as to say great cuz I did see a bit of frizz but really who doesnt have a wee bit of frizz right?!) when I left the house.. now what happens between my home and work is completely and totally outta my hands!

Stay Pretty ;)

Things overheard at the grocery store...

Heres the set up..
Mother, 3 yr old little girl, father...
little girl holding grocery basket in hand... (not swinging it around just holding it)
mother trying to take basket away from girl... father just standing there looking embarrassed...
little girl whines "nooooo"...
mother tries to convince her to give the basket to dad...
little girl refuses...
mother yells "HUNY THAT'S A MANS JOB!!!"....

WTF? Since when is carrying a small little grocery basket or anything for that matter a mans job?? and why on earth would you teach your 3yr old about "man" jobs and "woman" jobs?? are we in 1930 or 2008?

I just stopped dead in my tracks and stared at this woman... I just couldn't believe that this actually came out of her mouth to a 3yr old.. I don't know maybe it shouldn't have made me stop and stare, maybe it shouldn't have made me think about it on the car ride home... but it did!

When and if I ever have children I would want them to know that they could do anything despite age, race, gender etc... I wouldn't start their life by planting ideas of limitations in their head.. but maybe that's just me..

grrr... ok end rant...

Stay Pretty ;)

Reasons to get YO ass Dumped!

So if you have been reading my blog at all you know that Ive attracted some real weirdos - click here to catch up and and here...

Anyway so I got to thinking about all my past relationships & dates and I started thinking am I too picky??? Is it just me??? But as I listed off things that turned me off these guys I realized their behavior still disgusted me enough to know I had valid reasons to dump YO ass...

Ive put together a TRUE list of reasons to get Yo ass dumped based on all the men in my past...

  • You use the washroom and DON'T wash your hands... didn't your mother ever teach you good hygiene?? ew I dont care if you didnt touch your willie wash your god damn hands!!!
  • You spit in public every 2 minutes leaving behind a huge wad of spit on the sidewalk, subway or mall floor... spitting is just nasty save that shit for when you are alone behind closed doors like your bathroom... and no I don't care if you are a smoker and "need" to spit its still nast!
  • You lie over and over about why you cant drive so I have to drive your ass around forever... I later found out he lied and didnt even have a god damn drivers license!
  • You ASK for money for half the bill on the first date.... I always offer but don't ask that's just not classy!
  • You cry like a baby, so much so that I cant even cry anymore because well... someone has to have balls in this relationship!
  • You borrow my car, break my rear view mirror, act like nothing happened, don't say sorry and then wonder WHY I don't want to talk to you...
  • You are ridiculously afraid of ANY animal to the point where you push me in front of a pouncing dog just so it wont get you.... I understand some ppl are a wee bit afraid of some animals but making sure I get attacked first is grounds for dumpsville....
  • You "borrow" money with zero intention of ever paying me back.. why not just treat me as your sugar mama then? at least this way there is no awkwardness of payback
  • You feed your big slobbery dog peanuts from your hand and then reach back into the bag and not only feed yourself with the same slobbery hand but try to feed me too... oh HELL no
  • You get into a heated argument with my girlfriends upon meeting them for the first time even though you know you are wrong... Yeah good first impression buddy!
  • You refuse to even come out with me and my friends... I'm not asking for your company all the time but I'm a social butterfly and wont date someone who refuses to mingle with my friends at all!
  • You assume its ok to crash at my place every freakin night just because I live alone...
  • You stop taking me out once I allow you to see my place.... why would we go out when she has her own place and we can just chill here 24/7.... living alone has really been less than ideal for my dating life
  • You bitch about driving 20 minutes to pick me up at my place and insist I meet you half way all the time
  • You walk 10 feet ahead of me and then let the door slam in my face because you aren't gentleman enough to hold the damn door..
  • You don't see why pissing in an alley not once but twice on our first date is a big deal..
  • You also don't see why asking complete strangers to touch MY boobs isn't funny!
I could go on and on about the stupids Ive dated but I'm sure we all have stories that are grounds for dumpsville...
so lets hear em ladies & gents... what are YOUR "reasons to get Yo ass dumped??? "

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Stay Pretty ;)

History was made, I got no sleep & texting is the new black!

First I cannot blog today without first mentioning .................


Im smiling ear to ear today even though I was up till the wee hours glued to the tv!

Second my blog has a brand new look what do you all think??? :)

So I spent a few hours last night texting back and forth about the race with a guy I met a few months ago. Its a damn good thing i upgraded my texting plan to include 2500 outgoing and unlimited incoming messages because it seems people have forgotten how to pick up the phone! I see the benefits to texting I really do.. you have something small and quick to say so its easier to text it instead of calling or youre around people or at a movie and you have to tell your friend you are running late.. I get it but for the love of god if you insist on having an hour conversation with me via text why not just call??

At this point I realize I could have just picked up the phone myself but I was lazy... and I wasn't the one who kept texting even when no reply was needed. My question is since when has getting to know someone gone from in person to phone conversations to emails to texts?!!! The worst is when I was doing the online dating thing a few months back... you exchange msn chats & emails with a guy, you get along amazing so you think sure ill give him my # when he asks.... he asks... you give... he TEXTS! If I give you my number CALL me...

I can understand texting to say hey are you busy can we chat? but if I say I'm free don't continue to have a conversation over texts with me.. pick up the phone... at the very least aren't you curious to hear my voice to make sure I'm not another dude?? or a 65 yr old granny looking for a strapping young man?!!

Maybe its just easier to have long ass texting conversations when you have a Blackberry... which is why I ordered one lol... Hey if you cant beat em join em right?!!!

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Stay Pretty ;)

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